I would hardly call 3 days in the office “days off” but in the chaos of parenting I suppose it is my “time off” or my “me time”.  Between the hours of 7 am and 3 pm I get to be in the so-called adult world.  I have to sit through meetings, work away at my desk, have a coffee with my co-workers for 3 days of the week.

For the rest of the week I hang out with the kids.  I love it but don’t get me wrong we still do have our “pulling our hair” days where nothing seems to go right and we really should not have left the house.  So I try my best to fill the days with activities.  K is off to preschool this year so it means that Thursday afternoons W and I get to have our alone time.  You never realize how much time you spent with with your first until the second comes along. The poor little guy hasn’t had me to himself since he was born.  So now we have it and it’s perfect.

Now that the weather is changing and the time spent outside starts to get limited I am intent on finding great indoor things to do with the kids.  I also hope to work more on my photography hobby.

My had an old blog but I was feeling too cluttered and uninspired so have decided to make a fresh start again.  Hoping I can maintain the momentum to maintain it 😉