I love the fall!  I was never really sure why but recently have decided that it is because of the crispness of the air and the brillant colours.  It just seems so fresh.  So lately I have been so inspired to get out with the kids – ask me again in February if I feel the same and I am sure you’ll find I am just not inspired!

So this week we were busy.  I checked out the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary while K was in preschool.  W had a great time with his buddy which he’s never been able to do before.

This weekend we made the trip out to the mountains.  It is really quite sad how close we live yet how infrequently we make it out there.  We made the effort today and it was SO worth it.  The weather was outrageously warm for the fall and the kids were in a great mood.  We hiked Tunnel mountain – and yes K did it all by herself.  It was the first time there wasn’t complaining.  I wish I could tell you what the secret was.  I am just taking it as being a great weekend and maybe she has the same love of Fall as her mother 😉