I came across a post on a blog introducing kelly mcmahon willette’s finding joy e-course.  I was intrigued – I am never in photographs and really needed this!  I tried out a special 3 week course that was offered and loved it.  Though I never got the nerve to post any photos on the site and didn’t get half as much of the homework done as I wished I still enjoyed it.  It made me think about being in photos.  It also taught me how to be more confident in a photo which in turn made me actually like the photo taken!

Additionally I learned about this book: Style Statement: Live by your own design.  I am Comfortably Serene and learned a lot going through the worksheets.  If you get a chance to pick up a copy of this book I recommend it.  It’ll make you think about what you want in your life and as a mom devoted to your kids it’s definitely something we lose!

So here’s my post of one of my shots from the course – here’s hoping I remind myself to do it more often!

Find your joy and if you find your style statement what are you?