I haven’t had much time to get the crafts I have wanted to done.  As a family we always manage to run a long “to do” list and then get things done that aren’t on the list!  I ended up sewing up holes in all K’s stuffed toys & dress-up clothes which I suppose is an accomplishment in itself.  I did manage to make a new cover for K’s stroller.  The old stroller was falling apart.  The cover was ripped at every seam.

This is the type of stroller except that it is purple.  The cover was white with purple teddy bear heads and some hearts – nothing really attractive.  It was really quite simple.  I took the old cover off and carefully took the trim off and then was left with the pieces of fabric that I simply used as a pattern for the new material.  I used the old trim and sewed the pieces back the same way.  Ta da!

Now we have a styling cover for the stroller and no more holes so there aren’t any more tears about it not staying on the frame!

Anyhow here’s my finished product.

I won’t lie to you the stitching looks horrible but K loves it so that’s all that matters right?