I’ve been enjoying Karen Humphrey’s Notes from the Cookie Jar blog as well as her new blog Chasing Tomatoes. Several posts have inspired me to rethink the foods I feed the kids.  We cook pretty much everything but once we had kids we did start to resort to some pre-cooked foods that sometimes seem to make life easier.  I loved her post on Food Revolution Road Trip.  Here’s what her challenge was:

The Food Revolution Road Trip Goals/Rules/Guidelines:
1.  NO fast food or gas station food.
2.  Eat only ONE meal a day in a restaurant.
3. Avoid high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors/flavors, and anything highly processed.
4. Snack on lots of fruit, veggies, cheese, yogurt, nuts, and real food.
5. Occasional treats are allowed because you know, this IS a vacation.

I felt inspired for our trip to Hawaii.  Not only did I want to save money by not eating out every meal but I also wanted to keep the meals fairly healthy for the kids and us!

The first decision we made was to rent a condo-style hotel.  It was difficult to find a lot of hotels with full kitchenettes.  The norm seemed to be refrigerator and microwave.  We found a place that had a stove which we knew would help immensely with the meals.

Photo courtesy of Outrigger Regency on Beachwalk

The next thing we did was head to a grocery store first thing when we arrived.  It was a bit of a walk and we had to load the stroller with all the bags and force the kids to walk (another bonus).  One great bonus of Hawaii is that there was so much fresh fruit that the kids were excited to eat – especially pineapple!  We got the kids cereal and eggs for breakfasts and then sandwich fixings for lunch.

We ate out 3 of the 7 nights and ordered a pizza one night.  The pizza was an authentic Italian so a thin crust, sparse cheese and fresh toppings made us feel like we were being as healthy as we could with pizza 😉

It really didn’t take too much work to find healthy food just a little planning in advance.  It also meant that since we didn’t change the kids diet drastically we could enjoy the vacation with stomach issues!