So now that Halloween is over and the decorations are packed away I need to start my Christmas planning.  I love this season but I find it does take a lot of work to pull it off!  I have a Holiday binder I pull out every November and flip through and start my plans.  I have torn magazine pictures, articles, recipes, gift ideas…the thing is full and I am sure I will fill it even more this year.  I spend the first week of November scanning my last 2 issues of Style at Home and tear out all the great ideas that I might like to try out this year – otherwise it gets filed for another year.

I have handy lists I’ve made over the years to help me out:

Holiday Budget

Master Gift List

Online Gift Purchases

Stocking Stuffer List

I then print out my Holiday Checklist that I re-edit every year depending on where we will be.  This is how I start off my November.  Next week I will jump into the baking (a week behind from my normal yearly schedule but no point stressing) and start re-stocking the pantry and doing the first stages of the Christmas cake.

How do you get yourself organized for the craziness of the holiday season?