I was home with the kids today and we spent it around the house.  Close to 11 I turned on the TV and we watched the ceremonies in Ottawa.  K was intrigued with what the day represented.  The questions started immediately.  Why are they all wearing the poppies?  Which ones are soldiers?  Is that one a soldier?  Why are they quiet?  Why do I have to be quiet?  Why did they say killed?  It’s way beyond her understanding and I kind of like that her almost-4 year old brain is so innocent to that.  In the end I found the easiest way was to explain to her that sometimes people go to something called a war and people are not nice to each other and sometimes they get killed.  So every year we remember this and promise to be nice to everyone so that everyone can get along and like each other.  Next year she says she’d like to go to the ceremony so that she can hear the music.  And perhaps we just may.

So we made some remembrance day crafts for her to feel she celebrated the holiday.  That artist woman had this beautiful fun craft that I decided to try with her.  I think she did a pretty good job even though I had to help her cut the flower and stems out.  She painted and glued and I think it’s just beautiful.  She also wanted to make a small one she could wear on her shirt just like mommy & daddy.