Do you ever find that your child does a drawing that would be so perfect for your Christmas cards but is the size of a full paper?  My daughter loves to draw and I love so may of the pictures and have wanted to incorporate them into cards.  Here’s a way to do it:


Bamboo tablet with pen (you can use a mouse if you have a steady hand with one)

Adobe Photoshop (Other programs are likely able to this as well but this is the program I know)

Cardstock paper (8.5X11 inches)

Blank cards & enveloppes

Eraser (optional for stamp)


Step 1: Scan your child’s art into the computer and save as a .tiff or .jpeg

Step 2: Open the file in Photoshop and click under Layer -> new layer

Step 3: Make sure the layer (not the background) is highlighted.  Choose your brush tool (Shift-Command-B on Mac) and click on the colour and choose to match the colour of your image (or you can just do one colour for the whole image).  The way to do this is to click the foreground colour and then when the eyedropper apears hover over your picture and click on the colour you want.  Trace over the picture to copy it.  If your child is older they can do this step.  Save this as a.psd file.

Step 4: Click on the eye to the right of the background to hide it and view the drawing you did.

Step 5: Open a new file and drag the layer (not the background) from the drawing file over to the new file.  Once you have them sized and in the correct spot.  Click flatten image and save as a .jpeg.  I added more than one drawing and saved it as one file.

Step 6: Open a new file of size 8.5X11 inches and drag the .jpeg on to it.  Size it as needed (I needed it to be 2.5X2.5 inches) and then duplicate the layer over and over again until you fill the page (you’ll need to drag the layers beside each other since they duplicate on top of each other).

Step 7: Print the image on cardstock.  I used a paper cutter to cut the sheet into 12 small images on cardstock.  The glue or tape onto cards.

Step 8: Take an eraser and write a message such as “Art by (name)” and then with an X-acto knife cut around to make a stamp.  Here’s a great tutorial here.  Use the stamp with ink pad and stamp message on back of cards for a personal touch!

Here’s my finished product so if you’re on my list this year please act surprised when you receive it!