Day 6 was make a paper chain for the tree.  It was an interesting event to say the least!  W can not sit still so was bouncing around ripping up the chain every chance he got. K wanted to try her hand at scissors and I have to admit I’ve been guilty of keeping them from her so she’s very much out of practice.  She was adamant about doing it herself but was only able to get out confetti size pieces!  We finished it in the end but not without some tears!

Day 7 was Family game night.  We had a great time with that.  We played Candy Land (or Candy Cane Land as W calls is).  K was having some issues with losing though and so we had to play twice so she could have a chance at winning.  We are now heading into the “I win”, “my piece is bigger”, “I beat you” phase of life.  Yay!

I hope to get some more Holiday Joy photos up by the weekend as we’ve been decorating more and I’ve been trying to get some of those done too!