The weather cooperated this weekend for us to go out and get out tree.  We headed there an hour before the sun set to try to get some great pics which meant we arrived 10 minutes before they were closing!  It was a stark contrast to last year when we headed out in -34 temps (without the windchill).  We saw sundogs on the way which should have been a sign to us that it was FAR too cold!  We spent all of 5 minutes looking for a tree with screaming kids and frozen hands and toes.  This time was perfect though.  The temps were just below zero and the kids were very excited.  W asked “what you doing mommy?” when we got out of the truck.  When I told him we were going to find a tree he simply looked at the forest in front of us and yelled “found one!”.  He sure doesn’t like wasting time!

We got our permit and headed into the woods.

The kids enjoyed the woods this time and picked out several trees.  We finally settled on a nice one.  The trees we had a permit for were the Alberta lodgepole pine which I just found out is the provincial tree!

What I love about the fresh trees is that we didn’t need to let the tree sit and wait for the branches to come down.  It was ready and wanting to be decorated as soon as we got home.  The kids love it but haven’t quite learned that we do not touch it constantly or re-decorate it continually!

I tried out some of my {Holiday Joy} assignment and played around with the star bokeh – how much fun is this?