For our 25 days of Christmas we cut out snowflakes and hung them in the window.  I found a great tutorial here.  K had a great time with this but mommy and daddy had to cut them all.

Another of our 25 days of Christmas tasks was to read Christmas stories.  We’ve really been doing this since early December when i pull all the books out.  We let K choose the book this time and her favorite is “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” so I also made a point of taking pictures of the kids this time.

For Holiday Joy we decorated gingerbread houses.  W loved this task and was pretty good at placing the candy where mommy put icing!

Lastly, I made a felt mistletoe to hang.  I found this great tutorial on the web and the best thing was that it was so easy to do!  K loves it and uses it as an excuse to kiss people all the time!  So beware if you’re headed to our place over the holidays!