I found out about this idea through Merry with Children and thought it might be fun to play along.  It’s another “get to know your favorite blogger” interview hosted by Shan at Tales From the Fairy Blogmother.

1. Okay so you have $5 million to spend in five days and you can’t spend it on yourself or your family. What do you spend it on?

Hmmm so many choices.

I’d definitely give some to the NCIU here since my heart goes out to those with newborns in distress.  I am fortunate to have 2 healthy kids after wondering whether we’d have any and I can’t imagine how hard it is for those NICU families.

I’d also give a chunk of it to the Made by Momma group.  I love what they are doing and think they provide such great help to struggling moms.

I’d find a random senior who’s struggling on assistance and try to make their life enjoyable and stress-free.

I’d fix up our neighbourhood school.  The roof leaks and the paint is peeling – it is in dire need of a reno!  The kids should be proud of the school they go to and it should show!

2. What’s your favourite type of food?

Thai!  I love the spicy curries!

3. What is the best concert you’ve ever attended?

Hmmm tie between Bon Jovi and U2.  U2 I waited FOREVER for them to come to my hometown and Bon Jovi – well I just loved them!

4. What sports do you like?

The Olympics.  Pretty much the only time sports are on here!

5. Who is your favourite cartoon character of all time?

Bullwinkle.  Reminds me of my dad since it was one of few cartoons he’d sit and watch with us!

Your turn play along and sign Mr. Linky over at Shan’s site, or leave your answers in the comments!