I am not the resolution type of person.  Mainly because I find my year doesn’t usually start in January.  I feel refreshed in the fall and usually re-evaluate things then.  But with everyone else around me talking about resolutions it has had me thinking.  I’ve started up a mental list of things I want to do this year or plans that I have.

1. Work more at my personal skills in photography.  I feel like with the busy-ness of everything has kept me from taking as many pictures as I did last year.  I sometimes feel guilty that W doesn’t get as much time behind the lens as K did when she was his age.  She was so independent and seemed to love being at arm’s length and having me take her picture.  W not so much.  He prefers to be right by my side and so usually I am preoccupied with him rather than “documenting” him.  Not a bad thing but I do love looking back at pictures of the moments.  With the new lens I got for Christmas I can finally zoom out to capture him right beside me so I plan to work on that.

  • I’ve signed up for 2 photo courses which I am looking forward to.  One of them to be inspired and the other to get me practicing more

2. Get outside more with the kids.  Hubby and I have resolved to get out the mountains more hiking this year with the kids.  Now that W is well into the walking stage it’s time to get them moving!  We bought him skates this year and once the weather warms a little we plan to try getting them both out doing that as well.  I look forward to when we can be doing a hike every weekend and that the kids look forward to it!

3. Get back into my “work” work.  I’ve been so family focused the past couple years, which again is not a bad thing and not something that I regret, that I feel that I’ve stepped back a bit from work on a personal level.  I feel a little disconnected from my co-workers and miss it.  I plan to get back into the conferences now that I know the kids can live without me.  I am excited about a couple trips, a break from the kids for a little while and re-connecting with friends from work.  It’s hard to really feel like part of the team when you’re one of the few who runs home at 5 to be with the family!  I don’t want to change that but know that the conferences and occasional meetings and retreats are a way of not being too much out of the loop.

4. To find more things that I enjoy.  I want to take advantage of the evening when the kids go to bed and get back to doing the things I enjoy.  I hope to get back into Yoga again.  I have missed it and sometimes think that an evening session would be just what I need after a long day.  Baking has also always relaxed me so I hope to get the freezer stocked and maybe try out some new recipes.

5. To start with the games and science fun with the kids.  I think they are a great age for trying some fun little science experiments.  K is at the age where she is loving the learning process and W just loves to copy whatever she does so it might actually be fun!

6. Get W into some things of his own.  He loves music and sings all the time so I am hoping I can get him into some type of class where he can enjoy the things he loves on his own.  He needs some things that don’t involve his sister.  She has her art and he has his music.  He sings Jingle Bells every evening at the table.  The entire first verse.  No joke.  He’s 2 and he knows the song better than I do!  He has an amazing ability to copy tunes and remember them so I think a music class of some sort would be perfect for him to explore that.

So that’s my plan for 2011.  Not too ambitious yet also not that small.  What things are you planning/hoping to achieve this year?