I purchased a tutorial for Photoshop recently and just have to rave about it!  I’ve been trying forever to find a course that will provide me with a bit more training in Photoshop but all the ones I have found are so basic that it never fit for me.  I have searched the net but without someone showing me how to do it I find it difficult to be able to replicate things.  So when Erin Cobb mentioned on her blog that she was going to be selling a tutorial for clean color I signed up for the notices asap.  I finally got a chance to sit down yesterday and start going through it and had so many ‘aha’ moments!  So many things I had been struggling with for so long finally make sense now.  I still have a lot of practice with it now but absolutely love it.  If you have a manual camera, have photoshop elements or full photoshop and like to take pics of the kids (ie. are NOT a professional) then I highly recommend you consider buying this.  Take a look at an example of a pic I was able to improve – still have to play with the color before I finally “get it” but it is a start.  The tutorial is so easy to follow if you are somewhat familiar with photoshop and has some GREAT tips that make life SO much easier!




So now imagine how great my pics are going to look when I actually have some great pictures to begin with!