I’ve been reading ThePigBear’s Ten on Tuesday posts for a long time now and love ’em.  I haven’t been great at keeping up with this blog consistently with all the work I am doing at Kids in Cowtown but then it hit me.  I could possibly try a Ten on Tuesday post once a week to keep on top of the weekly stuff, except that it would have to be Thursday since I work Tuesdays.  So here’s my go at the first one.  For those of you unfamiliar with ToT, the idea is to recap things from the week – things you did, things you heard, stumbled upon, learned etc…

  1. While on twitter I learned of this blog and great meal idea.  Super excited to try it for the kids – bite sized shepherd’s pie – what could be better??  I’ll be back checking out ideas for sure.
  2. I can’t say enough about Erin Cobb’s Clean Color Workflow Video.  If you have Photoshop, a manual camera and take pics you need to get it!
  3. Another Twitter find.  The kids and I had a blast going through animal sounds and having them guess what they were.  The dog was going crazy with the wolf sounds!
  4. I am getting ready to purge much of the house!  I have packed up 5 bags of kids clothes and 2 giant totes of miscellaneous baby items for my sister.  Along with the crib, bumbo, exersaucer, playmats, swing and play yard  I think they should be set for a little while at least 🙂
  5. I am so happy for the warm weather!  We’re planning now on getting out skating with the kids so that we can try out the hockey sticks.
  6. We said goodbye to good friends last weekend.  It’s sad to see them leave and the kids will miss them so much.  So this week at work was desk moving time.  It took a while but now I am in a spot closer to the boss.  Should help with catching him while he’s running between meetings!
  7. Who knew?  Finally a solution to the dog hair all over the house.  Now to find the time to do that! (kidding of course!)
  8. I found out about this site.  Seriously what a cool site – I know where I’ll be going for printables now!
  9. I have been inspired by the busy mommas on Kids in Cowtown who do so many activities with the kids daily and so have started back with some activities of our own.  K is in to painting and so spends hours doing that which means I have more time to build train tracks with W.  We also started doing some science experiments.  It’s fun now that the kids are old enough to enjoy them.  I have a post planned for Kids in Cowtown for the weekend so check it out for some fun things to try with them.
  10. I came across this site.  How cool is that?  A site that inspires kids to appreciate art.  I order 2 prints already and love that they are limited editions so the kids will have some original artwork for their rooms that they might actually find interesting to look at.