This is based on ThePigBear’s Ten on Tuesday posts

1. I am stoked for my photo class this weekend.  I need some inspiration for some new photos and LOVE LOVE LOVE Dana’s work.

2. I am also so happy to see warm weather for my days off with the kids.  I am thinking we should head to a park – any ideas which one?

3. I made these this past weekend and they turned out so well!  It made 12 muffin-sized pies and so we at 5 that night and then I wrapped them and stored in the freezer so that I can pop them out and throw in the muffin tin and heat up for another meal.

4. I forgot to take meat out of the freezer yesterday morning and so was in a pinch last night when I got home from work.  So I made this.  It’s a perfect quick fast meal although I think I will throw in some chopped broccoli/cauliflower for my daughter next time.

5. I signed up for a CSA for this year.  I’ve had many people tell me positive things about them and after we had a contributor post on Kids in Cowtown about her experience I decided to go for it.  Thanks Merry! (I may be looking for you for good recipe ideas for some of the items!)

6. Swimming lessons will be starting up again and I am already thinking of other activities.  Soccer, dance, art class again??  Not sure what I should put K in (definitely not all).  I can’t make up my mind about soccer.  All the neighbours do it but I kind of think that 4 year old girls playing soccer is a bit of a waste since all they do is stand around and chat – she can do that for free at the playground.  As for dance I found a couple places but the rules are so strict that with the way our lives are so chaotic I am just not sure I can live up to expectations.  Besides I just want her to have some fun and try different things out for now.

7. I’ve started getting the valentine’s gifts ready.  I found a cute pencil case, erasers, notepad and some chocolate for K.  W is a little harder.  So far he has chocolate and a red car.  I still need to find a little bag that he’d enjoy.  Nothing yet for hubby.  Any ideas?

8. The latest scholastic flyer from Ks preschool had a cute superhero book and accessories.  I got it for W.  K is always trying to dress him up in her princess dresses which he’s finding not so enjoyable.  I figure that a cape and bracelets and mask will be right up his alley and keep his sister happy!

9.  We got a new island for the kitchen and can I just say – I love it!  I can’t believe how much room it gives us in the kitchen now.  I haven’t even put stuff in it yet since I just love the thought of 2 cabinets worth of space!  I keep going into the room and standing by it feeling like I am on a cooking show and am reading to cook up a meal for people.  I love it!

10. Funny story about the island.  We’ve been looking for one for a couple years but just hadn’t found the right one.  When we brought it home I texted my mom to let her know we had found an island.  The phone rang seconds later.  She wanted to know what kind of cryptic message it was.  She thought we had found an “island” and had been looking for island real estate without letting anyone know!