Joining in again to Tales from the The Fairy Blogmother‘s KMKY:

1. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Morning person although having kids have made this harder and harder…my definition of morning person starts at about 7am but the kids think it means 5 or 6am!

2. What is favourite show of all time – you’ve seen all the episodes, you’ve watched it over and over and quote from it all the time?

My So-Called Life.  Don’t quote things from it but saw all the episodes, taped them and re-watch them.  Love that show!

3. Who would you invite to a celebrity dinner party?

Good question.  Hmmmm.  David Suzuki, Rick Mercer, Jann Arden, Fred Penner, Annie Leibovitz…

4. Would you rather have breakfast out or dinner out?

Dinner out.  Not big on breakfast at restaurants and don’t enjoy eggs so dinner seems so much more appealing.

5. Packers or Steelers?

Don’t care either way.  Never watch it.  Grey Cup is about the only sporting event we watch religiously in the house.