I found the secret to being at home with the kids all day.  Hope for nice weather!  It makes it so much more of an enjoyable day when we can go outside.  We headed out this week to the park as explorers.  K packed her binoculars, camera and notepad all in her backpack and we lugged along a picnic lunch with a thermos of hot chocolate.  It was great that they were so excited for this.  I managed to get them to take a walk in the woods for over an hour.  Then we had lunch in the car since we couldn’t find anywhere dry to sit.  Once we got home we printed off pictures from the morning and pasted them in a scrapbook which K then wrote a word to describe each thing.  By the late afternoon the kids were asking to go out again (this time to shovel the sidewalk!) so all in all it was a great day.

I was also enjoying the sun through the trees and liked the effect I managed to get in some of the pics.  Also might I add that I LOVE the new lens!  It’s great to finally be able to get a wide-angle view without having to be yards away from the kids!