Last week never happened but things are slightly less chaotic this week with K having the day off school.

1. I received my Little Collector order and love it!  They came separately since one was framed and one wasn’t.  I emailed to inquire when I only got the first one and got an e-mail within hours!  They looked into for me and by the next day I got the 2nd package.  I got this one for K and this one for W.  Great customer service and the kids loved the art so I highly recommend this site!

2. Came across this site and think this is such a COOL idea!  Too bad it’s not in the budget at all!  One can dream though right?

3. K had her Valentine’s party at preschool where they exchanged cards.  If you wonder about the concept check here for some thoughts on this.  I was kind of surprised that K and one other little girl in the class were the only two who hand wrote the cards.  All they were to do was write their name – K signed 14 cards herself but got valentines from all the other parents.  I felt disappointed for her.

4. Julie of Dinner with Julie posted this recipe for Valentine’s scones and as soon as I saw it I made a batch the same day.  Can I just say delicious!!  So easy and a perfect treat for the kids!  I’ve been sneaking them to work to enjoy with my coffee!

5. I’m starting up a dinner club with some good friends.  I was inspired partially by Erin and partially by my family.  My grandparents had one and they were still meeting up to my grandfather’s passing – they went through kids’ graduations, weddings, grandkids, great-grandkids.  It still seems to amazing to me that they managed to keep it going for so many years!  My parents also have a dinner club and they still get together.  They started when I was very young and are now welcoming grandkids into their lives.  I hope we can keep it for at least a year but wouldn’t it be great if we could keep in touch for much longer!

6. Related to #3 I found the rug site through this blog.  Loving this blog – especially this preschool art series – so many cool ideas of what to do with the ridiculous amount of art K brings home from dayhome and preschool!

7. It’s cold!  I was hoping for a day at the park again with the kids for the first day off this week.  Instead we will be cooped up indoors today so likely will try some crafts and baking.  Any ideas?

8. I’ve got to start thinking of baby gifts.  It’s less than 2 months away before we start meeting our new niece/nephew and I have no idea what to get as a gift.  What do you get for the 2nd kid and what do you get for first time parents who are inhering pretty much everything they need??

9. I have a blog meetup coming up soon and am quite excited.  Hoping nothing changes from now until then that I am still able to go.  If you’re in the YYC area and are interested check here for info.

10. I’m starting the couch to 5K with a colleague at work.  Not sure yet how or when we will do it so if anyone has some suggestions I’d love to hear them before I get started with it!