I’ve never been one to care or fret about the fact that with every birthday we get a little older.  I have to admit though I am having a little trouble with this one.  Perhaps it’s because I always I knew I was headed places and still had much to do to be worried about how old I was getting.  But now that I am content – I have a job I love, great friends, 2 beautiful kids and an awesome hubby – I now have nothing else to think about but how old I am.  The kids also seem to have hastened the aging process and I notice more and more grey hairs, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Probably sounds strange I know but now that I’ve done pretty much everything that was in my long term plan (I only really thought as far as career and kids!) I now have to reevaluate and find new goals!  I mean I have another 35 years to plan.right.now – yikes!!