I headed home last week for a visit and to drop off all the baby belongings I had to give.  It was so nice to have it all out of my house and now I feel like I have a blank canvas to work from in my storage areas!  While I was there I realized that the Oscars were going to be on.  So we decided to throw a little Oscar party with my parent’s friends.  My sister and I headed out to a party store and found a great collection of decorations and then I printed off a couple printables.

We laid out red tissue paper as a red carpet and taped up a VIP door entrance sign on the front door.  We made it authentic by having my father with a microphone interviewing people as they arrived and then provided swag bags to the guests.

The bags were put together thanks to dollarama with pearls, baby feeding container, pet bandana, slinky, nail polish and then I printed off a travel voucher for a $16,000 all inclusive island getaway.  They were a hit!

Next up was the photo op where each couple got a souvenir shot of them “dressed up”!

We found a mini oscar to have as a prize for the oscar ballot.  I printed off these great ballots – the multiple choice helped for the categories people just wanted to guess.  A bottle wine went to the person who won the Oscar Bingo.  This game was fun but sure meant that we had to pay attention!

I saw maybe 2 of the movies this year but somehow managed to leave with the oscar!