I am proud to be a woman.  I have a daughter and I hope she grows to be a successful, strong woman.  I struggle continually with how to teach her that.

She loves princesses.  She dresses in dresses and likes lipstick and all things girly.  It sometimes makes me cringe but she’s so happy playing princess.  Heck even her brother loves it too.  There’s usually some fight over necklaces and bracelets and I try to remind her that one day her brother will want nothing to do with her toys.

So do I have problems with her pretending to be a princess?  No.  I have no worries that she will one day grow up to be a princess!  What I have problems with though is when she makes comments like while she helps me bake – “we are being mommies right?” and when she says to her brother “you have blue because you are a boy and I have pink because I am a girl” or “girls don’t play hockey”.  I try hard not to be angry with her but it angers me that she would ever have that thought in her head.   “You can be anything and do anything you want” I tell her.

I hope that I am a role model enough for her to want more.  She has great women in her life who are strong and independent so I feel safe that she’ll find her way.  So when she tells me she’s going to be a princess when she grows up I simply ask her “how will you pay for that?”  To which she answers “I will work until I have enough money and then build a big castle and live in it”.  Really isn’t that what we all want?