Last year we started our first garden with the kids.  We decided to go edible that way the kids would get more out of it.  The first step involved building a garden bed.  We chose this for several reasons:

1. To try to avoid frost issues – raised beds provide a little more warmth.

2. We have a dog and we needed something raised away from the fence that he would not trample on while chasing squirels.

3. To keep the kids out of the garden.  We had some issues with younger toddlers who came to visit who thought it was a great climbing area so we ended up putting up a fence around the outside to prevent that.

We got instructions from the Pioneer Woman, although my husband tried to ignore me while I read them off to him!  Ours was 4X3 feet.  We then headed to Burnco and bought some crushed rock for a small layer in the bottom and screened loam to fill the rest. 

We let the kids help dig holes for the plants and seeds we bought.  We planted Potatoes, 2 zucchinis, 1 pumpkin from plant and 1 from seed, tomato plant and green beans from seed.  I later planting herbs mixed all about the different plants. 

We then provided the kids with a small planter to plant some seeds of their own as well as an area in the front garden where they could dig their hearts content.  It is important to provide the kids with a place of their own.  None of their plants grew since they disturbed them so much but that way mine were safe from digging kids!We were happy with the bed we built and even happier with when the plants lived through too many of these events last summer:

By July here’s what our garden looked like.  The fence helped tremendously in keeping out toddlers, dogs and rabbits – we’re thinking of making it a little more permanent this year!

Happy Gardening!