I rarely head to the mall for a long day of shopping with the kids.  When we do though I know I have to prepare for the trip!  My daughter starts asking about food as soon as she steps in the mall and somehow the sight and smell of the food court just makes it worse. I’ve started loathing heading to the mall anytime after 10am since it means we’ll be hitting lunch time at some point during our visit. We tried a couple times giving in and buying food from the food court but we are never able to find a food that I don’t end up feeling guilty about later.  So I’ve started packing picnics.

We make sandwiches before we leave and pack them in Tupperware containers. I pre-cut them and always pack a paper towel along for sticky fingers.  I have a small lunch bag I load it all into and then add fruit, yogurt and a snack of some sort.  Usually a granola bar or pack of craisins and a couple juice boxes.  I throw it under the stroller and then head out. With the promise of lunch I can get the kids to shop til we drop and then we head to the food court and choose a table and lay out our picnic.  The kids love picnic-ing so and I think they just like the idea of sitting in the food court rather than actually eating the food from there.  So as long as I can get away with it with them, I plan to take along a picnic lunch!

Do be sure though to make sure you have lunch either well before 11:30 or after 1:30 – it’s not fair to steal a table from someone who’s bought their lunch and needs to sit.

Now does anyone have tips to get the kids to enter an adult clothing store and actually let you try on an outfit?