I got this from A moment 2 Think and it sounds kind of fun since it helps you find new blogs that you may not have read before!The idea is that someone gives you the award on their blog and then you ‘accept’ by writing 7 things about yourself and then awarding 15 others.

Here’s my 7 things:

1. I don’t enjoy chain mail – I always feel like it’s me who breaks the chain!

2. I find baking relaxing.  Not sure why but it just calms me.

3. I like my toilet paper roll to pull from the back. I hate when it drapes over the front and often will change it.

4. I love the fall. It’s my favourite season of the year.

5. I also think Meyers Briggs is very very interesting. I’m a ISTJ.

6. I also love the concept of Style Statement.  I am Comfortably Serene.  I need to learn to live my life according to this now!

7. It irks me when people don’t walk on the right and yield to faster walkers in malls or stores.  I know it’s a bit crazy but nothing bugs me more than people who stop in the middle and break the flow of foot traffic!

Ok now on to my 15 blogs, in no particular order:

1. Capital Mom

2. Lady Mama

3. Nana’s Button Jar

4. Gliding Through Motherhood

5. From The Dock

6. 3 Little Monkeys

7. Peek Thru Our Window

8. Read.Write.Run.Mom

9. The Gastronomic Goat

10. Willowjak Boys

11. Notes from the Cookie Jar

12. Life Where We Are

13. Home to Heather

14.My Life in a Nutshell

15. I Found My Feet

Ok I did it – this time I didn’t break it 😉