I decided to join along with Capital Mom’s Monday Moments this week.  The idea is to write about a moment related to the theme/topic of the week.  This week’s theme? Choice.

Life is all about choices.

Should I have a coffee or a latte?

Do I stay home with the kids or head back to work?

Do I take the kids grocery shopping or stay home and listen to the tantrum that starts up when I tell them we are out of ham for sandwiches?

I learned early on as a parent that kids need choices.  You offer them a choice of 2 things to give them the sense they are in control but in fact hold all the control yourself.  For my daughter this worked. For my son…

“Which outfit do you want to wear today?  The blue or the green?”


“That’s not the choice. Blue or green?”

“I no want!”

“Blue or green?”


“ok. Blue it is.”

“No! I want other!”

Now if only I could get my kids to stick with the choice they make!