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A stereotypical caricature of a pirate.

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The latest obsession in our house is Peter Pan and anything related.  Fairies, pirates, lost boys you name it.  It’s actually kind of refreshing to see that K has found an imaginative play that interests her brother and doesn’t have him yelling at her about how he does not want to wear a tutu.  It also lets him wear his bracelets and necklaces since pirates wear them 😉

So I’ve been scouring the net for costume ideas and now the kids are set to be real pirates.

It started with these vests:

So yes, I know, they are cowboy vests but the kids use them as both – so it’s even better since it covers 2 costumes in one!  I got the tutorial from this site: Made.  We also made the periscopes and treasure map and this was a great starting point.

Next came the sword.  I made these since W has been walking around with a wire hanger as a hand so I decided that this was a compromise.  He can’t actually hurt K with it but they can pretend to have a sword fight.  All pirates need a compass to find their way.  FamilyGo.com has a great tutorial just for this.

Lastly is the hat.  I’ve just started to make these.  They are actually pretty easy and the kids were ecstatic to see them.  I need to find a great feather still but the costumes are pretty convincing to them!