We started off our camping season with our traditional Father’s Day weekend.  In the past we’ve always headed to the mountains and have regretted it since even though we are mid-June snow and chilly nights somehow always manage to find us.  This time we headed NE.  We had rain all weekend.  And not just rain but down pours.  Amazingly though the temperatures at night stayed close to 10 which made it so much more enjoyable.

Daddy’s special treat this year was a trip on the Stettler Alberta Prairie Railway.  We headed to Stettler Sunday morning and boarded the train to Big Valley.

We enjoyed some bandits and Alberta history along the way along with a buffet meal.  It was a hit with the kids for sure!

The rest of the time was enjoyed at Ol’ MacDonalds Resort campground with the animals and miniature train.  Who knew there could be so much to do at a campground!

The favorite pastime of the kids though was exploring in the 5 feet of woods on our site…