I always  do flank steak the same way every time.  Marinate it a with a little soya sauce, dijon, oil and pepper and BBQ it.  So tonight I thought I should try something different.  I was craving bacon since we bought a pack for camping and had some left over so I cooked it up and chopped up some broccoli and grated some fresh Parmesan.  I spread it all on the steak and then rolled it up and sliced it and cooked it in a fry pan (with the left over bacon fat) so 6 minutes a side.  This was a pretty good try but a few things I would change next time:

1. cook it for less time.  The piece was pretty thin and so it was too well done for my liking

2. add some type of cream to the mixture.  It was a bit dry for my liking as well

3. put a toothpick in to hold it together.  The pieces unrolled once they started shrinking and so I simply had the stuffing cooked that I had to pile on after.

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