Once again I am joining in the “Tales from the Fairy Blogmother” Knowing me, knowing you.

1. It’s less than 6 months until Christmas, have you started your shopping yet?

Yikes!  You just reminded me to get going!  I usually get started in August and finish by October.

2. What’s your guilty pleasure?

KD.  I know it’s horrible but it’s just so comforting for me.

3. Are you on Pinterest?

Of course!!!  I can’t get enough of it.  I want to pin everything but do force myself to make some of the recipes and crafts that I pin.

4. Popsicle or an ice cream cone?

Hmmm that’s hard.  If it’s gelato then cone otherwise I like homemade popsicles.

5. Are your toes painted?

Partially.  I bought some deep purple for my daughter and I to paint our toes with but am having problems getting it off with nail polish remover and now have run out of remover.  So I have purple flecks.

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