I’ve been bugging the hubby for some type of play structure for the kids for two reasons:

1. I needed something that I could store toys under since the pine trees drop sap & needles on everything

2. The kids won’t stay outside for more than 5 minutes and so I wanted something to entertain them

Anyhow nothing is simple for him!  I asked for a simple platform 4 feet off the ground with a railing and perhaps a ladder & slide.  He sketched out a plan and came home with cedar, metal railing and lattice and came up with something amazing!  It’s the perfect size for the kids Little Tikes playhouse to sit on top and for them to have room to maneuver around it.  It has a steering wheel and telescope so that they can play their pirate play on a pretend ship.  The ladder ended up being a slanted plywood with steps to climb and plans for rock climbing stones to be added later with perhaps a rope.  The slide is the craziest slide I’ve been on (yes I tried it out!) – I’ve never been on such a fast slide so W won’t try it at the moment but K who’s usually afraid of all these types of things thinks it’s a hoot to fly down and try to catch your balance at the end.  We added a fun little swing underneath as well.  I am most excited about the storage underneath for the toys!  The kids have now been out there for hours playing so I couldn’t be happier!