As mentioned before Peter Pan is the obsession at our house right now.  So when asked what they’d like to be for Halloween, W replied “Paptain Hook”, and K of course said Tinker Bell.  I lucked out and found a pirate costume at Costco but it needed a little more work to be seen as a Hook costume.  I decided the kids might need jackets this year so headed out to the Fabricland sale and picked up fleece.  I made a Hook jacket by simply taking my daughter’s dress coat and fashioning a pattern around it.  I then added lace and buttons and some gold ribbon to make it a little more pirate-like.

For Tink I got her a cute yellow fairy dress from Sunflower Boutique and then bought some lime green fleece.  I made up some leggings and fashioned a jacket with leaves on it.  I added a few sequins to jazz it up and am thinking of little LED lights since Tink “lights up”.

What do you think?  Overkill?

Now I just need to think up some shoes.