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This past weekend we headed out to Bragg Creek to hike.  We decided to try out some of the trails just beyond the Elbow Falls road and past the gate that always happens to be closed when we are around there.  Anyhow we were headed for the Beaver Flats Interpretive Trail since this page raved about it.  Which by the way if you’re from Calgary and you haven’t stumbled upon this page you really should – it’s full of great hikes for the kids of all ages!  Anyhow we somehow managed to park and head to the left rather than the right which we noticed after was called prairie creek trail.  The kids loved it just the same.  Here’s the main reason they loved it.  How cool is it for a kid to walk across a log over a rushing river??  Ok so it was a small stream.

We managed to find a great place by the river for a family shot.  There was nobody around and so it was so peaceful and I was able to set the camera on some rocks and use the self-timer to take our picture while the kids played with the rocks.

This is the real reason I head to the mountains in the fall though.  Check out that brillant yellow – they something so spectacular about fall in this province!


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