I always manage to miss the “Spring Cleaning” that should be done at out house.  Instead we tend to opt for the “Fall Clean”.  I’ve already worked away at:

1. the office – I managed to clean through paperwork that has been piling up all year

2. the kids rooms – I have gone through all the toys and tried to organize them in bins – each kid has a big drawer to toss all the toys in.

3. basement closet – this closet collects everything that doesn’t have a home in the house.  I wasn’t actually able to purge anything from here but organizing it went a LONG way since now I double the space in it!

4. kitchen pantry – The floor of our pantry was a mess!  I ran out to IKEA and bought an organizing shelf from the kids section and have all my containers & lids organized and oils etc in a pull out drawer.

5. Art bins – we have 4 art bins for K and so I had her help me clean it out.  She did a great job of testing that all the markers actually worked and we got an entire large garbage bag out of the bins and into the recycling bin!

6. Laundry room – I finally got through all the camping blankets and put all the sleeping bags away and can now walk into the laundry room

7. Lastly I went through my e-mail.  I unsubscribed to any emails that I don’t read frequently.  After signing up on many sites it gets ridiculous checking e-mail and can even be stressful!  I also put filters on e-mails I do like to read but would rather catch up on when I get a chance – this way they don’t come to my phone every 5 seconds.

It sure feels good to clean house once in a while!  The drawback is that my garbage bin was full Monday and garbage pickup isn’t until Friday!