Yes it’s been a while!  We’ve been frankly, having too much fun!

We had a visit from family back over Thanksgiving and the kids had too much fun hanging out with their new cousin.  We headed out for a couple small hikes but were getting over a horrible stomach bug that had K flat on her back for 6 days!  That’s a first for us.  K never gets sick and this one hit her so hard, poor thing.

So anyhow, I promise to update in the next couple days on our fun time.

First we tried another hike in Bragg Creek.  We love this area this year since it’s so close and easy to get out for a short hike with the kids.  We took the visiting family out there to enjoy the day.  The weather was great!  We attempted Fullerton Loop.  I say attempted since we didn’t really finish it.  We took W, who’s almost 3, and still getting over the same stomach bug K had.  We brought his hiking stick along and he did a great job but truthfully he was cranky!

We followed the path up the trail and made it what we now think was the half-way mark.  W  was getting tired so we decided to turn back.  I plan to attempt it again though to find out if we really had done most of it.  One lesson I learned is to take a GPS next time to find out how far you’ve gone.  The trail says it’s about 6.5km and we likely did about 5km which was pretty good for our little guy who’s only done 1-2km before!