We started this “program” with K this summer of giving her a chore chart.  I printed off a copy of this one.  Every time we asked her to help with something, like take her brother’s boots off, let the dog in the house, set her and W place at the table, clear her dishes, etc. she got a sticker.  She’d then ask us what day of the week it was and how to spell it and stick a sticker under that day.  We started her in late July and she just completed a whole chart this month.  We promised her once she got a whole sheet she could go to the store and buy something she wanted for under $20.  So we headed out and now she stocked to get her next one filled.  I only gave her 1 sticker a day for the help she did – she never realized or cared that more helping in one day didn’t get you more than one sticker but it still seems to have encouraged her.

The biggest challenge of this program?  Explaining to her that there’s still a limit to the $ amount of the item you can buy.  Maybe as she gets older we can teach her about saving up her sheets to cash them in for a larger toy?