I am taking a stab again at joining Capital Mom’s Monday Moments.  If you haven’t seen her blog before you really should check it out.  So wonderful!

We have a love hate relationship with colouring in our house.  K loves drawing and she very quickly got good at colouring pictures in colouring books but that did not come without her colouring on her walls with crayons, her brother’s face with permanent marker and mommy & daddy’s work documents with pen!  We have learned that you can not leave W to be creative with art since this means eating crayons or using markers to do full body tattoos.  We have beautiful drawings lining the fridge and art wall thanks to colouring but there’s usually some crazy story behind each one.  Maybe that’s why we enjoy art so much?

P.S. Toothpaste rubbed into wall takes crayon art off very nicely with a little elbow grease.