I recently got back from a work trip to NY.  It was a whirlwind of a trip.  It started with never ending flights – I saved money on an air Canada flight through TO where I was to meet a colleague and travel with her to Newark.  I got there to find they had changed my connecting flight and not hers which was frustrating!  Luckily she ended up on a full flight and was able to take a voucher to get put on my flight and in the end we both were upgraded to first class on an earlier flight. That was about the only easy part of the trip!  I didn’t get to see much of NY.  Every morning our meetings started at 8 and we needed to take a 20-30 min subway trip there and then by the time the meeting ended at 6 it was dark and so it limited views of central park and most shopping opportunities 😦  The work meeting itself was great and I did manage to see the everyday life of New Yorkers as we traveled during the peak hours.  I sure missed home.  NY had it’s interesting places and it was pretty neat to see places we see over and over again in movies and TV shows.  It seemed rather surreal!  But I really do love the cleanliness of my city.  I guess sometimes you have to get away to appreciate it.  I love that we have garbage bins and that we don’t pile them high on the sidewalks.  I mean really.  My training in epidemiology just screams Public. Health. Issue!  I love that I see grass on lawns and I don’t live that far from downtown.  I wasn’t staying downtown but other than Central Park there was just concrete everywhere.  I also finally appreciate how spread out our city is.  I mean I am all for denser housing for the over social well-being of our city but I couldn’t help but feel a sense of claustrophobia with all the tall buildings and it wasn’t until taking off in the plane that I felt a relief and calmness.

I do hope to go back and visit for a longer visit and see everything fun there is to do in the city of New York but I sure am glad to be home.