Well ok not quite a break but rather our family way of kicking it all off!  K had her party this past weekend – seeing as her birthday is so close to Christmas we make an effort to have it all birthday and not mix the too.  This year she chose Hawaii as a theme.  She’s still asking if we can go back there and so was so excited to hold a Luau for her friends.

We found great items at the dollar store for decorating – yes even at this time of the year!  I had collected stuff all summer for the loot bags – for example fun straws and lunch bags with beach designs.  Keep an eye out all year long for the end of season sales since you never know when you can use it!  I also raided the Michael’s $1 bins for notepads with initials, pens etc.

K wanted quite the cake for her party but in the end I had her compromise and I went with the old fashioned doll cake which was so much easier to make and the kids enjoyed.

I made a red velvet cake for the dress and iced it with swiss buttercream icing.  I added graham crumbs to the board to look like sand.  Good ‘ol pinterest was full of ideas for the party!  I made vanilla cupcakes with turtles seen here.  And then chocolate cupcakes with icing and umbrellas and little candy sticks as seen here.  I tried out the sea aquarium from Martha Stewart here.  I would simply use jello next time.  The kids did not like the taste of this one and I can’t blame them!  It also proved to be very difficult to find gummy fish this time of year so we settled on real fruit sea animals.  Daddy had a go at the watermelon carving from here.  It turned out pretty cool!

We didn’t do a bunch of games – this was the first party where parents left their kids and it was so nice to just let them run and play with the toys in the house (since really that’s all the kids want to do anyhow isn’t it?).  We did have a quick limbo dance though where we got a broomstick and had the kids line up and take a try at doing the limbo under it.  They were all pretty good at it too!

Next up – the seven seas for a certain little boy!