Joining in Capital Mom’s Monday Moments.

It has happened in what really does seem like a blink of the eye.  My babies are gone and they are growing.  This past year my 4 year old has gone through the biggest growth spurt – everything we pulled out that was miles too big last year is too small.  Her shoes size jumped from 8 to 11 which I still can’t figure out how.  Her ski pants are riding up her shins and she suddenly doesn’t seem so short.  My son went through the same thing only 6 months ago.  He caught up to all his friends in height and can now sit at the big boy table without a booster.  How did this happen so fast??

We measure the kids every 6 months or so on their charts.  They love watching how they are getting taller by the day.  And every time we tell them of how their dog also grew like them.  Only he is now all grown up.  The first day we brought him home he sat on our tile floor and we noted that he was one tile long.  He was 12 inches long.  He now is a full grown retriever.  On the small side mine you but still well over 4 tiles long now.  The kids are amazed when they try to imagine that.  They have only known him as 4 tiles long.  They are in awe and hardly believe me.

All I can think is that I can hardly believe the same of them!