…and I am behind at blogging again!  I am happy to report it’s mainly due to being so busy with the family.

What have we been up to?  Well we visited Winnipeg over the holidays and had a great time with the kids and grandparents.  Since we’ve been back we’ve been busy getting back into the grove with lessons and all.  K is back at art class (her request).  I wasn’t going to do it again this term feeling like i might be overwhelming her but she’s loving classes and really looked forward to returning to art.  She also got into skating and we’ve been amazed at her progress.  3 classes and she’s able to skate!  She’s been too scared of everything lately (I think the idea of falling freaks her out) and so we were quite shocked seeing her take to this!  We just may have found a sport for her.  The kids both start swimming next month.  It should be interesting since W has only been going to the potty for the past 3 months.  It’s his first class on his own as well which should be an experience.

We’ve been out practicing the skating on the weekends and had the kids try out their skis on the front lawn a couple weeks ago.  W actually did pretty well with it so there’s hope we can do x-country ski trips in the future!  2 weeks later and K had her bike out practicing – the weather has been incredible with yesterday hitting 12 degrees!  Yes 12 degrees and that’s only a short time after a massive snow dump!  We headed out to K-country today and enjoyed a skate and sledding at the village.  We tried a short hike but with a cougar warning on the trail the day before and W screaming most the way we decided against it and turned around (although I am sure any cougar would have taken off after hearing him!).  We’ve come to the conclusion that he needs to be fed to keep him happy.  Belly full=Happy W.

So now that the craziness of the holidays is over I am back to reading and hoping to soon get into the some sewing projects.  I got 3 books for Christmas and also got into e-reading finally.  I have 4 books down since the holidays which makes me feel like I actually have some time to me!  One of the books I got was the Happiness Project.  I’ve decided to read this month by month as the book is written.  It gives me about a month to mull over each chapter and decide how I can apply it or whether I think I need to.  So far I am enjoying it.  I have cleaned out closets, started to tackle the basement office and started making lists of my to dos and wish to dos.

Hope you’re all enjoying the new year!