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I’ve been good about getting the kids to the library lately and we’ve found some great books.  We head over to the Signal Hill Library and I love the new renos – the kids section is great with little seating areas which my son always settles into and piles up the books to read.  I let the kids do all the picking, the only thing I do is glance through them quickly to be sure it’s not a book they won’t sit and listen to (If there’s more than 3 paragraphs on a page it doesn’t make the cut at their age).

This week we found some great finds:

1. When Chico went fishing by Robin Tzannesfind it here

Photo via Google Books

This is a great book!  We have the Winnie Witch series and the kids love them – they are humorous and have beautiful illustrations.  This book is about a little boy who goes fishing and most of the story is in the drawings.  It’s also a super funny story that left the kids laughing.

2. Dragon Stew by Steve Smallmanfind it here

Photo via Google Books

Another hilarious story!  This is a great rhyming book – the kids love guessing the next words in the lines and the pictures are colourful.  The story is funny and really great for boys (think potty humor).

3. Ice by Arthur Geisertfind it here

My son always finds the best books.  I am not sure how he does it since he simply goes through the shelf and randomly picks them out.  This is one he insisted we take home.  There are no words in this book but simply has a story all in pictures of a little island of pigs and an adventure they take.  This is great if you want to have the kids tell the story.

4. Tiger who came to tea by Judith Kerrfind it here

Front cover image

This is an awesome book!  I actually picked this one out since I remembered it as a child.  It’s a silly story which the kids love but an even better story for the parents.  Trust me and then use this excuse with the husband when he gets home and you’ve had a crazy day with the kids!

5. Slobcat by Paul Geraghty

This is one of those that my son picked out and wouldn’t let me leave the library without!  It is the tiniest book and I have to admit to be worried about losing it.  It is seriously funny though.  It’s a about a cat named slobcat since the family thinks he’s so lazy but really he’s so tired from his adventures.  It’s great for kids with pets who wonder what they do all day while they are at school.

So there you have it.  Those are the ones we enjoyed the most this visit (we pick 10 when we go).  If you have a chance to pick up copies of them they get a 2 thumbs up from my kids!