I got a new cookbook for Christmas and am loving it!  Well actually there’s two that I got and love.

The first is a Canadian Living cookbook.

Photo via CBC Store

I find that instead of googling epicurious or all recipes dot com I turn to Canadian Living.  The reason is that most of the recipes are with Canadian ingredients or at least things I can find in Canada and secondly because I really do trust the Canadian Living approval rating of the recipes – I have yet to find one I didn’t enjoy.  I picked this one up at Costco but you can buy it through the CBC store as well or catch episodes on TV or browse some of the recipes online.  The salmon salad is actually one of the kids favourites!

Second, I got this Thomas Keller one.

Photo via Amazon.ca

I love this one!  It has what I would classify as gourmet meals but that are reasonably easy to make.  My favourite recipe so far is the lentil sweet potato soup that the kids can’t get enough of.  I also have to admit to loving the look of this book – it’s coffee table material (although mine is splashed with food that it remains in the kitchen).