Last weekend we managed to get tickets at the last minute for a great play.  Fred Penner was in town with his premiere of “The Cat Came Back” play.

Photo via Vertigo Theatre

If you grew up in Canada you likely know “the cat came back” song and NFB film.  If not check it out here.  I grew up in Winnipeg and so have a fond place in my heart for Fred.  I have all the old tapes that I play for the kids and was sure to buy all my favorites off iTunes so they can enjoy them as much as me.  So when I saw that he had a play here in Calgary I jumped at the chance.  I am not sure who was more excited.  Me or the kids.  Either way they were looking forward to it.  It was listed as age 4 and up but since my 3 year old knows the song and likes cats it was a good choice to take him along.

The play itself was held at Vertigo Y stage which I had never been to – it was a nice set up since the kids could see in front of them without adults blocking their view.  The play was all about Mr. Johnston from the song who blames Fred for making the cat come back after he keeps singing “that” song.  There’s lots of music/singing in the play and a storyline that works nicely with both the song and the NFB film but adds more to it.  At 50 minutes, it was the perfect amount of time for the kids to watch and as usual with Fred Penner he had them all signing along (adults too).  The best part of the play was actually after.  They had cookies and juice for the kids and Fred came out and mingled with people.  Not sure again if the kids understood the awesomeness of such a celebrity making time to talk to them all, autograph memorabilia and have pictures taken but I sure enjoyed the moment!  As a Winnipeg transplant I was ecstatic to see that Fred had made his way out West and that the kids had a chance to see him and enjoy the same magic I enjoyed as a kid.  So Fred if you ever want to make another trip out to Calgary for performances we will for sure be there!!